There’s never been anything like this – a fully integrated system.
See how GroundCloud’s VEDR is both the best tech AND best value!


Benefits of GroundCloud VEDR

  • Significantly lower cost in monthly fees than the competition!
  • Offers far superior features like making available ALL recording throughout the day
  • Ties in to our delivery data: potential to pull up video for a specific delivery
  • Ability to order up to 8 cameras per vehicle (no limit on number of vehicles)
  • Has far superior build quality (eBay is littered with cameras from the other vendors parting them out after they break!)
  • Automatic backing detection & tracking!
  • Automated captive coaching means you don’t need to hound drivers to complete their training
  • New! Special hardware pricing for FedEx CSP’s! Please contact us for details
  • Installation can be done by your own installer or use our third-party installer network
  • See our pricing page for costs of service

* Denotes when bundled with the base GroundCloud service.

To order VEDR from GroundCloud:

  1. If you haven’t already, create a GroundCloud account
  2. Click here for the VEDR Order Form. You will need your Schedule B info.

If you'd like us to send you more information on our VEDR system:


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