GroundCloud provides support to businesses contracted to provide services to FedEx Ground and Amazon including:

  • Amazon DSP routes

  • FedEx Ground routes

  • FedEx HD routes

For each route you wish GroundCloud to automate you need an Apple iPad. While iPads are not the cheapest hardware in the industry, they are the most reliable by far in industrial applications and widely used in many enterprise systems. The following iPad models are supported:

  • iPad Mini 4 or Mini 5, Cellular (not WiFi-only)

  • iPad Air 2, Cellular (not WiFi-only)

  • iPad (5th, 6th, or 7th generation), Cellular (not WiFi-only)

  • iPad Pro, Cellular (not WiFi-only)

Note: “WiFi Only” models do not have the GPS chipsets we need for tracking.

We recommend purchasing the least memory model available since data is received and stored in the cloud. Save some money here!


Assuming you wish to have real-time fleet tracking & communications, you will also need cellular service for your iPads. Here’s some great news:

  • GroundCloud will use less than 1 Gb per month of data per route (22 in-service days, 8 hours per day)
  • Since iPads are not phones, the cost for data service only on iPads is very low!
  • Cellular carriers are sometimes willing to negotiate adding tablet data-only to your contract for no extra cost!

We recommend choosing the carrier with good service in your route areas.

Note: The GroundCloud iPad app is designed to gracefully handle loss-of-network situations, storing data on the device until a network connection returns. Drivers continue to enjoy route navigation even in spotty network areas!

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