GroundCloud 4k Portable VEDR


The GroundCloud 4K system takes vehicle and driver protection to the next level. The dual lens system provides 4K video from the front facing lens while simultaneously capturing the cabin in wide angle 1080p. 

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The GroundCloud 4K connected camera ships with a dual lens system powered by the Ambarella CV25 processor with the flexibility of adding side and back cameras as well as a dedicated DMS (Driver Monitoring) camera. The front (road) facing lens captures low-distortion 4K video while the cabin facing lens is wide angle (190 degrees) capturing all the details of the cockpit in 1080p HD. The system integrates all of the features of a high-end GPS tracking and motion-sensing system but also includes the ability to view the cabin and roadway remotely in real time, capture 4K video events, and much, much more.