GroundCloud – Duo Bundle (2-Camera System)


The GroundCloud Duo Bundle is the world’s most advanced incident camera with powerful LTE (or Wi-Fi) video transmission, built-in tracking and telematics data. Developed to provide evidence of events leading up to and during a road traffic incident, the Duo Bundle provides instant notifications & videos of incidents in less than a minute.

The Duo Bundle features a 1080p wide angle HD camera, 6-Axis G-Sensor/Gyro, Microphone, 64GB removable SD storage included (SD card compatibility up to 128GB), cellular modem, integrated GPS/Glonass receiver, permanent power cable with optional vehicle input sensors, & a tamper-resistant design. The Duo Bundle includes the SVA040-D. This camera features a 120° Wide-angle camera with 12 infrared LEDs for nighttime visibility.

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HD (1080p) Intelligent Accident Camera with built-in GPS, 3-Axis G-Sensor, Mic, NA LTE cellular modem with Sim card slot (compatible with LTE networks), and SD card slot (up to128GB capacity). Secure cover for SD/SIM slots, 3M VHB Adhesive Windshield Pad, and void/tamper security seal. Power adaptor included [Power (BAT+), Ground (BAT-). IGN+, 2 Alarm Inputs, 1 Alarm Output.] Delayed power shutdown feature. DC input [10.8V~30V].

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