Once your truck has been loaded you can pull the electronic manifest from FedEx and send it to GroundCloud. Assuming you have already associated a driver with the route number, and you’ve created a driver login, GroundCloud will calculate the optimized route and send it to your driver’s iPad in just a few minutes. Here’s the procedure to grab your manifests:



For FedEx Ground routes you simply log into your MyGroundBizAccount, download the manifest for each route (it will be in Excel spreadsheet format), and then email the route file to the email we provided you (it will be something like “your-biz-name@ground2.cloud”).


The file will be named something like “DeliveryManifest.xls”. It doesn’t matter to us what the file is named. Simply email this file to your designated GroundCloud upload email address. It will be something like “your-biz-name@ground2.cloud”.

Download the manifest spreadsheet for each of your routes & email them in.

Note: We have asked FedEx if they could make this process easier by making all of your routes available to download at once. Feel free to ask them as well 🙂


Note: Do not upload the new “combined manifest”. Such manifests lack critical details like shelf ID’s, pickup windows, and tracking numbers. Unfortunately FedEx stripped this critical data from the combined manifests thus rendering them unhelpful for practical use. Instead, upload the separate Delivery and Pickup manifests.

Please contact GroundCloud support should you have any questions.