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Benefits of GroundCloud Graduated Driver Training

  • FREE for GC Subscribers!
  • FedEx Ground approved
  • Drivers train from any device including Android phones
  • Get new, non-experienced drivers driving almost immediately
  • Best-in-industry custom training content developed exclusively for GroundCloud
  • Short video segments from the driver’s perspective show real-life situations

FedEx Graduated Level 10 Driver Training Workflow

Update 4/14/2020 from FXG:

Road test and observed hours eliminated for Graduated Qualifications – L10 in support of social distancing guidelines

In an ongoing effort to follow social distancing guidelines, changes to the Graduated Qualifications (GQ) – Level 10 (L10) program (<10,001 lbs., non-commercial weight) will be made until further notice. As part of these changes, a driver qualification file (DQF) will not be created for L10 driver candidates. This means neither a road test nor observed hours will be required to qualify for L10. However, a valid DOT physical and medical examiner’s certificate, MVR, drug screen and qualified L10 certificate of online completion are still conditions which must be satisfied to qualify under L10. These changes apply only to the L10 program and are temporary under the circumstances. All other GQ conditions remain the same.


How to begin:

All candidates will continue to complete an online profile via First Advantage (FADV).

When sending the invitation to a candidate that will operate a branded vehicle less than 10,001 lbs. GVWR as part of the L10 program, service provider selects:

  • Position Type: D – Non-DOT Driver Less Than 10,001 lbs.
  • Driver Type: U – Under 10,001 lbs. Program

After reviewing the completed application profile, service provider places the order using the following selection:

  • Package: D – Non-DOT Driver Less Than 10,001 lbs.

These selections will alert First Advantage that a DQF is not required. It is imperative that these selections are used properly to reduce delays in the qualification process.


A valid DOT physical, medical examiner’s certificate, MVR, drug screen, and L10 certificate of online training (see vendors) are still required. The medical examiner’s certificate and L10 certificate should be provided to local FedEx Ground station management during the workforce documents and badging processes. FedEx Ground station management will enter the medical card expiration date into CDAS to facilitate dispatch. Neither document needs to be retained by station management. DO NOT upload the documents to FADV. Candidates and their authorized officer (AO) should be ready to produce these documents at any time upon request.


How to qualify a driver into a larger vehicle over 10,001 lbs.:

  1.  Contact FADV to create a DQF and reference the previous L10 background order
  1. Once the DQF is created, upload the following documents to the DQF and ensure the DQF status is Compliant:
    1. Road Test
    2. Medical Examiner’s Certificate MCSA-5876
    3. L10 Certificate from vendor
    4. Other requests from FADV
  2. Candidate must satisfy all conditions of L10, including items currently waived for social distancing, before starting L20 (i.e. road test and 12 hours observed time);
  3. Candidate completes L20 program with a training vendor meeting the L20 standard including road test, practice time and observed hours.

Learn more about the Graduated Qualification program on > Operations > Driver Qualification Resources > Entry Level Driving Standards for P&D.

ISPA contractual obligations can be found on > Agreement > Safety Terms – ELDP:


These are the non-social-distancing steps for GroundCloud Graduated Driver Training

  1. All Graduated Qualification Drivers must start at Level 10
  2. L10 drivers must have had a valid license for at least 2yrs and be 21yrs of age
  3. Choose the letter “U” for FADV application (U.S.)….In CANA it is “P” = ELDP and in CDAS when entering into CDAS/First Advantage
  4. L10 driver must meet contract standards set forth in Schedule I
  5. L10 Trainer will practice operating an empty FedEx truck. (Trainer will use the L10 Teaching Tool). L10 trainer is someone who has completed the GroundCloud online content AND meets the FXG observer standards (station mgmt. has this info). Use the L10 GroundCloud Road Test as your guide. For L20, use the L20 Teaching Tool.
  6. For L10, complete FedEx Road Test (OP-104) in a vehicle under 10,001 GVWR and then upload to First Advantage
  7. Upload the GroundCloud Certificate of Completion to First Advantage Driver Folder “FedEx Driver Training Certification”
  8. An approved L10 Driver Completes 3 Days of Observation on a FedEx Route with a Qualified Observer totaling 12hrs. The Qualified Observer must complete 3 SF-260 documents and submit to the FedEx Station.
  9. Enter Road Test completion date and 3 Days of Observation into the GroundCloud management portal
  10. GroundCloud will update FedEx with all data completed and entered every night at approximately 11p central time.
  11. Training Time Requirements: 4 Days Minimum and 21 Days Maximum

Please download the detailed Driver Processing Guide from FXG here.