Welcome FedEx Contractors!

GroundCloud’s mission is to increase safety simultaneously with operational efficiency and compliance. Our unique automation technologies automatically increase safe driving, reduce incidents, reduce miles driven and proactively identify trouble spots before they become a bigger problem.

The multitude of safety features of GroundCloud offers to P&D businesses is simply incomparable.

GroundCloud substantially improves driver SAFETY – we are a SAFETY company. Here are just some of our safety features:

  • Daily SAFETY training (drivers must complete before driving)

  • Weekly SAFETY testing

  • Continuous driver monitoring (speed, acceleration, deceleration, stopping, reversing)

  • Instant audible warning to driver when breaking the speed limit

  • Daily post-drive driver accountability (speed limits, deceleration, reversing)

  • Vehicle safety inspections, pre and post-trip (unsafe values prevents the driver from leaving the terminal)

  • SAFER routing – minimizing reversing & u-turns

  • Audible or even tactile turn-by-turn (eyes on the road)

  • Restricted routing – unsafe roads can be avoided

  • Truck safe roads – including underpass heights, bridges, etc.

  • MORE EFFICIENT routes = less miles = less chance for mishaps

  • SAFE driver messaging

  • —— Only when vehicle stopped

  • —— No need to ever text with a phone again !

  • Management Driver Review Portal – sit down safety performance evaluations to commend & coach

  • VEDR camera system – GroundCloud is 100% FedEx Approved as a VEDR vendor

  • FedEx Qualified Driver Safety Training Program – GroundCloud is 100% FedEx Approved as a Qualified Driver Safety Training vendor

  • GroundCloud is the only choice for an all-in-one end-to-end vendor for FedEx CSP’s!

GroundCloud has a big development pipeline of more groundbreaking safety features coming including:

  • Direct Data Pipe

  • So much more – stay tuned!

With GroundCloud, SAFETY becomes a way of life, and best yet… it’s entirely automated!

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