P&D Contracting. Automated.

Safety. Compliancy. Productivity. You need all three to succeed. But did you ever think a company would be built from the GROUND up just for P&D contractors to do exactly that? GroundCloud tools will save you serious money and PROVE you are safe and compliant.

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Harness the power of the cloud.

Manage your business from wherever you are. Even the beach! GroundCloud is a "cloud" based software system you access through a web manager console and an app running on Apple iPads mounted in your trucks. We deliver automated Safety Training, Route Planning, Turn-By-Turn Navigation, Time Card Tracking, Fleet Tracking, Driver Accountability, and Driver Messaging.


Automated safety training legally proves your drivers continue to be safety trained. Safety tests ensure drivers retain their learning. Speed monitoring notifies you which drivers are speeding. GroundCloud protects you and your business from liability, fines, and lawsuits.


You can be audited at any time and be demanded to prove your safety program. With GroundCloud, generate a report of completed driver safety training modules and your audit is finished in minutes. The IRS can demand you prove minimum wage. Generate a time sheet report and boom. Done.


GroundCloud has been proven to increase stops/hour of even veteran drivers. New drivers get productive in days, not weeks, with high-efficiency routes calculated by Google and turn-by-turn navigation.

Safety Training

Peace of mind? Piece of cake.

Proving that you're safety training your drivers can be a headache, but it’s a necessity to ensure you’re in the clear. GroundCloud provides a way to easily train your drivers through our critical safety training programs. Flip a switch & it happens automagically!

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Route Planning

Your drivers using valuable time to plot their route is a thing of the past. Define priority zones one each route to your liking and match how your truck has been loaded. For too long contractors have said "there must be a better way!" You've just found it.

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Turn-by-turn on steroids

Our fully-integrated turn-by-turn nav system pulls in realtime traffic data, road closures, accidents, etc. and routes your drivers around it. Make new drivers productive in hours, not weeks.

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Fleet Tracking

Keep your finger on the pulse.

See in a glance where everyone's at, where they've been, where they've stopped, where they've broken the speed limit, and where they have yet to go. Truck breakdown? Move stops from one truck to another. GroundCloud instantly pushes a new combined route down to the working vehicle.

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Time Cards

Time is money

For IRS and DoT compliance you need to be independently tracking shift time and drive time by your drivers. With GroundCloud, it's automatic, where it's all tracked automagically to the cloud, ready for you to download the time data in Excel spreadsheet format.

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Driver Messaging

Never text driver's phones again!

Safely deliver messages to your drivers, instantly or the next time they stop, such that there's no need for them to reach for their phones, ever again.

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